I've read many of the reviews on this site and have had similar experiences with different outcomes. To get hold of these people you must open a request.

I thought that was a pain but they responded in less than 24 hours each time. First time I contacted them was to check on package delivery, coming from Canada makes it hard to track. When it did arrive it was missing two small parts so I contacted them again and they sent me an entire bag full of the part that was missing. Customer service is getting better as the last time I contacted them I was able to speak to a rep who was very helpful.

The product is very well made with great fit and finish and includes a discreet storage box that can be locked. The product can be very uncomfortable, pinching and causing abrasions if used as it is sent. But the video and literature explains those experiencing these problems should wrap their junk with gauze. I wrap it every time and find the device to be pain-free.

A friend and I bought them at the same time and he had no problems with pinching but I'm thicker and we think that was the reason. He's gained over half an inch erect and is wrapping his with gauze now because he seen some increases in girth as well. As for success with the device? I have been using it for about 2 months and have gained almost three quarters of an inch when I'm flaccid.

Have gained just under half an inch when hard. I'm going to stick it out for the the equivalent of 6 months using it 8 hours a day to see how successful it could be. But you really have to devote yourself to using it up to 8 hours a day or you're wasting your time. There are some reviews from the Mayo Clinic, Time Magazine and other reputable firms stating that they have done their own research and found the device increased length in an erect state by .9 inches on average with the 100 or so men they tested the device on.

other research I found from reputable medical websites says research does suggest stretching devices like this can work if the user is diligent and puts in the time. I am not promoting the project just being honest with my experiences.

Product or Service Mentioned: Quick Extender Pro Penis Extender.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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